The New Type-R Is Coming Out! So Why Am I Yawning?

I’m sure you heard the news that lit ablaze all the souls of US Honda fanbois across the country this morning.  The new Civic Type-R is coming to the US (finally…). 

You know the drill; you’ve seen the concept pictures for a while now. It has a 2.0 Liter direct-injected i-VTEC 4 banger with a turbo stuffed into a 4-door wagon that looks like something out of an anime or Power Rangers. So why am I just meh about it? 

The 16 yr. old me, hell even 21 yr. old me, would have been jumping for joy over the new Type-R. I mean it ticks all the boxes I would have loved, 300+hp, all the go-fast goodies, and even the red interior with the loud sound system! This would have been my ultimate car a few years ago. But I think that’s the problem for me. It’s so last year.

The last Type-R to grace the states was last sold 16 years ago. Think about that. The last time Honda put something out this good was long enough for a child to be born, grow up and actually get their driver’s license. People have been waiting 16 years for a sequel to be released and were basically shunned. There have been several iterations to come out obviously, but none released this side of the Atlantic.

For the last 10 years or so Honda has essentially killed any car resembling fun (S2000, RSX, Type-R etc.) before finally coming back to their senses recently. In that same time span, look at what every other manufacturer has done. Muscle cars are back and better than ever. VW still owns the hot hatch market with the GTI. Ford has taken over the mantle from Honda with their ST lines and have already built a better Type-R with the RS.

Maybe I’m just bitter, old, and cranky. Yes, I’m sure this car will be quick and fun as hell to drive, but quite frankly… I’m over it.


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