Track Ready Supra In The Works

While the official release of the Supra is taking an ever-increasing amount of time, news about the sports car continues to trickle in.

This week during an interview with Top Gear, Chief Supra engineer, Tetsuya Tada, confirmed a track ready version of the Supra is part of the plan for the BMW Z4 co-developed sports car. The car will most likely be called the Supra GRMN.

Tada, also chief at Gazoo Racing, stated that, “At some point I would like to make a track-limited Supra with less weight. We’re already making a racing version so we know if you take out 100kg it’s a completely different car – you don’t even need any more power.”  Tada is also considering a road-legal version of the vehicle.

The Supra has targeted the Porsche Cayman as its “dynamic benchmark from the start” according to Tada. However, he is also looking at the LM GTE series of racing for the Supra. This would pit it against cars well above the performance of the Cayman. The Ferrari 488, Ford GT, and Porsche 911 are some of the big names that compete in this class.

At least on the street, Tada confirms, they have reached their performance goals in pitting the Supra against the benchmarked Cayman. How it would fair against the Cayman’s 911 big sibling is yet to be seen.

There are no clear facts about the road going Supra’s specifications but expect it to produce at least 300 hp using a 3.0-liter BMW sourced inline-6 mated to an automatic transmission.

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