Audi Dropping Manual Transmission From A4 and A5 Lineup

The manual transmission has long been considered the transmission of choice for true automotive enthusiasts.  For many,  the ability to shift their own gears gives them a connection to their vehicle that automatic and dual clutch transmissions simply can’t provide. Unfortunately, the many are now the few.  So few for Audi, only five percent of buyers opt for a manual, that for 2019 the manufacturer plans to remove the remaining manual transmissions from their U.S. lineup.

The Audi A4 and A5 were the last of a dying breed and now are facing the same fate. With the 2019 refresh both models are rumored to be losing the manual option.  This is terrible for enthusiasts but comes as no surprise as manufacturers have been ditching manual transmissions for a while now. The vast majority of high performance vehicles come equipped with dual-clutch transmissions which can shift at speeds that are humanly impossible.

The new A4 is expected to go on sale across seas sometime in late 2019. Expect U.S. models to arrive soon after. For those who refuse to buy a vehicle without a manual transmission, 2018 models of the A4 equipped with the 252 hp 2.0 liter turbo four still come equipped with the option and may be the last to do so with four rings.

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