Fully Electric Audi e-tron GT Concept

Electronic vehicles are here to stay and, within the next few years, takeover. Any automotive manufacturer who is serious about their future would be wise to invest in hybrid or fully electric technology.

Audi is taking the charge seriously and has given us the third and undoubtedly most exciting vehicle in its e-tron lineup.  The Audi e-tron GT concept puts on full display the future of electric vehicles from Audi and will also be featured in the upcoming Marvel film, Avengers: Endgame.


The proportions of the Audi e-tron GT concept are likely it’s most exciting and striking feature. It sits low and has a wide stance.  The roof line slopes gently and extends deep into the rear-end. The wheel arches are muscular and make clear the sporty intentions.  The Audi e-tron GT concept makes contact with the road through 22-inch wheels wrapped in 285/30 series tires.

When compared to the Tesla Model S, the e-tron has the advantage in the low and sleek category. The e-tron GT concept measures 195.6 inches long, 76.8 inches wide, 54.0 inches tall, and has a 108-inch wheelbase. That’s 0.4-inches shorter overall, 23.3-inches lower, 0.5-inches narrower, and an 8.5-inch shorter wheelbase versus the Tesla Model S.

The front end of the vehicle points like an arrow and accents the matrix LED headlights with laser highbeams. Like other Audi models, the e-tron GT concept gets animated lighting that does a bit of a dance as a welcome to the driver.  This is a four-door vehicle but the rear doors can get lost in the body lines depending on which angle the e-tron is viewed from. The rear is accented by a light strip that runs the entire length of the rear-end. There are prominent e-tron badges at the bottom of both the front and rear.  The e-tron GT concept came painted in kinetic dust, which gives off hints of aluminum and titanium.


Open one of the four doors and you will be greeted to four potential seats in the vegan friendly interior. Yes, Audi has gone vegan. Audi does not use any animal-based products in the e-tron GT concept. The leather is synthetic and fabrics are made from recycled fibers. There is microfiber material on the headlining and the window pillar trim. The carpet is made of a sustainable and recycled fiber known as Econyl yarn, made from used fishing nets. The large touchscreen and center instruments are surrounded by gloss-black material.  There are two luggage compartments. The rear compartment has 15.9 cu ft of space and the hood compartment provides another 3.5 cu ft of space.


The e-tron GT concept has 434 kilowatts (590 horsepower) of power.  There are two separate electric motors fitted to the front and rear axles. Both motors are permanently “hot”, which makes the e-tron GT a true quattro, and there is no mechanical linkage.  Power can transition from front to rear and each motor is capable of sending power from side to side.

Audi claims the GT can go 0-62 mph in 3.5 seconds and 125 mph can be reached in a bit over 12 seconds. The top speed is limited to 149 mph in order to maximize the range. You know, for those of us who regularly cruise above 150 mph.  Audi says due to the sophisticated cooling system, the e-tron GT concept will be able to provide the full potential of its battery system numerous times without worrying about heating issues.

The range will be close to 250 miles. The battery pack is a lithium-ion system with an energy content of more than 90 kWh. The system lies flat under the floor between the front and rear axles. This location gives the e-tron GT a low center of gravity, which, in conjunction with all wheel steering, can aide in more dynamic and sporty handling.

Audi has included numerous energy recuperation systems in the e-tron GT concept: manual coasting recuperation using the shift paddles, automatic coasting recuperation via the predictive efficiency assist, and brake recuperation with smooth transition between electric and hydraulic deceleration. These systems can increase the range by up to 30 percent on Audi vehicles that use them.


Audi expects that by 2025 they will offer twelve all-electric vehicles that will account for one-third of their total sales. The Audi e-tron and e-tron Sportback are set to debut in 2019. The Audi e-tron GT concept was developed closely with the Porsche Taycan EV and should make initial delivery to customers in early 2021.

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